Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Wavemaker can help improve your golf game!

I love working with folks who truly want to excel and just need some help clearing the path to success. One of my favorite wavemaker coaching stories is about, Paula, who has given me permission to reveal her story. Paula wanted very much to become a "scratch" golfer. Not knowing much about golf, I soon learned that that was someone who always played each hole at at least par.

Paula didn't learn to play until she was over 50, so it was a challenging sport for her. Her sister, on the other hand, was quite experienced and an accomplished player--the darling of all the clubs she joined, where she quickly rose to the top-ranking player. It was Paula's sister who encouraged Paula to take up the game and bought her a set of clubs for her birthday.

Unfortunately, her sister's instructional process caused Paula much distress. During lessons she scolded Paula for not having the right club out and ready to play. "You don't want to make others wait for you... if you do, they won't want to play with you."

By the time Paula would tee-up she was a wreck, trying to remember all the rules and the proper protocol. She was forever hearing her sister's stern voice in her head, ruining her focus and enjoyment of the game.

We determined that her sister's voice was a clear barrier to Paula's excelling at the game, but as an experienced coach, I knew there was something deeper going on. I got beneath the surface and used the Wavemaker to eliminate the real issue. Four days later, Paula played in a tournament with three others in her group. The team, not only won, but Paula no longer heard her sister's voice, and hasn't since! Her game has steadily improved, and one day while I was shopping I got an unexpected call on my cell phone. It was Paula filled with excitement as she exclaimed, "Elizabeth, you aren't going to believe this, but I got a hole in one!

I was delighted for her, but I attribute that mostly to luck. The key point is that she has been able to focus and stay relaxed about her game at the same time. The wavemaker made the difference for her. It didn't require hours and hours of coaching. Within two hours, we had it licked.