Saturday, December 01, 2007

Leadership and Supervisory Blended Learning Work Well with the Train to Ingrain Process

It's been a very productive year, with lots of speaking engagements spreading the word about Training to Ingrain to help individuals and organizations achieve a greater ROI from their Supervisory and Leadership Training Programs . I was invited to give presentations to the fall PIHRA conference, the North County Personal Society, and SDSU Extension to name a few.

I always have to remind executives that training is a process, not an event. Thus, the "Train to Ingrain" model begins with 360 Degree Feedback to form a baseline measurement that is then followed by skill-based training and reinforced with coaching and ongoing feedback. It always surprises me that companies are willing to spend boatloads of dollars on supervisory or leadership training, but don't spend the time or the money to measure or reinforce the skills to protect their investment.

Consider watching this 3-minute movie--It powerfully demonstrates the Train to Ingrain process and why coaching, reinforcement, and measurements are critical components to an effective training model.

Blended learning seems to be working well with this model. Self-paced online programs have been quite a viable alternative to the standard classroom, especially for companies having difficulty pulling groups of people away from the job for extended periods. Typically, a 2-hour lunch 'n' learn allowing for practice role play activities and discussion is an effective alternative.

If you'd like to know more about Training to Ingrain I offer a complimentary copy of the 91-page white paper. It contains a bounty of information to help your organization make learning stick.

In my next post, I'll tell you about an intriguing new coaching technique I've added to my toolbox after attending a seminar this summer.