Monday, November 10, 2008

Wave Goodbye, Say Hello!™ Series #11

This is a continuation of our series on achieving success. Many of us are plagued with habits that keep us from being the best that we can be in our job, our career, or in life. Say Hello,Wave Goodbye!™ is an innovative coaching approach that removes those destructive habits and allows you to move forward and gain success. This series of blogs addresses the 12 most common habits that hold you back. They are called Core Dynamics of Common Problems™, which are excerpted from my chapter in the book, Coaching for Success (2008). You’ll learn why you are stuck and how the removal of these dynamics will set you free to pursue your goals. Last time we covered Needing to be Right. This issue will cover Biasing Reality.

11. Biasing Reality

Basically when this happens, we manufacture interpretations by unknowingly fabricating explanations. We get overly absorbed in trying to explain or interpret events, instead of recognizing things “are what they are.” There is nothing to explain. This behavior is based on the illusion that everything is not perfect as it is. Our intellect gets in the way and tries to justify things instead of accepting them as they are. When this dynamic is absent, we tend to be in the flow and appreciate the present. From a business perspective, we learn to capitalize on a situation, rather than to fight it. Hence, we take the path of least resistance, which enables us to see opportunities and move forward.

Stay tuned for #12: Overreacting to Circumstances

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Yaheem said...

Easier said than done doctor. When you are the decision maker of your organization you are responsible for everyone under you. Take automation as an example. You can increase productivity but you'll fire some extra labor. How to be emotionally unbiased in a situation like this?
An executive or an executive coach can not change from a human to an emotionless decision making machine.