Monday, November 03, 2008

Wave Goodbye, Say Hello!™ Series #10

This is a continuation of our series on achieving success. Many of us are plagued with habits that keep us from being the best that we can be in our job, our career, or in life. Say Hello,Wave Goodbye!™ is an innovative coaching approach that removes those destructive habits and allows you to move forward and gain success. This series of blogs addresses the 12 most common habits that hold you back. They are called Core Dynamics of Common Problems™, which are excerpted from my chapter in the book, Coaching for Success (2008). You’ll learn why you are stuck and how the removal of these dynamics will set you free to pursue your goals. Last time we covered Trying to Force an Outcome. This issue will cover Needing to be Right.

10. Needing to be Right

What happens here is excluding others’ perspectives. When this dynamic is present, we tend to over identify with our minds and think we have and need to have all of the answers. It comes from not recognizing the difference between thinking with our minds and knowing from our deepest level or our soul. When this dynamic is absent, we are free to continually be open to new ways of seeing things and increase our creativity. With that mindset, we start to look for greater possibilities that could lead to serendipitous results and creative breakthroughs, rather than narrowly focusing on a solution to one particular problem and never seeing beyond it.

Stay tuned for #11: Biasing Reality

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